Unite, Share, and Settle Expenses Seamlessly with DSplit! A global, trustworthy, and decentralized platform for transparent expense splitting and payment recording, free from reliance on centralized i

The problem DSplit solves

DSplit is used to add and share an expense.

  • In traditional Splitwise, tracking shared expenses becomes challenging when individuals contribute unequally. A decentralized Splitwise can address this issue by transparently recording contributions on a blockchain, ensuring accurate and fair expense distribution.
  • Trust and accountability are key concerns in centralized expense-sharing platforms like Splitwise. By decentralizing the system using blockchain technology, a decentralized Splitwise can provide a tamper-proof and transparent ledger, enhancing trust and accountability among participants.
  • Existing expense-sharing platforms rely on a centralized infrastructure, making them susceptible to downtime, security breaches, or data loss. A decentralized Splitwise eliminates the need for a central authority, ensuring continuity and data integrity even if the platform itself faces issues.
  • When individuals from different countries share expenses, currency conversion and settlement complexities arise. A decentralized Splitwise can leverage blockchain's global nature to enable seamless cross-border transactions, facilitating easy and transparent expense settlement among diverse participants.