Driver Rental Website

Driver Rental Website

Our website shows the list of drivers going through the same route .

The problem Driver Rental Website solves

A technology platform to solve driving issues in travel and transportation industry. We provide driver services for business uses as per their needs.
Dealer Home screen should show the list of drivers going through the same route as the
dealer's State and City which means the dealer should be able to see the drivers who have
mentioned the same interested routes as the dealer’s State and City.
Drivers Home screen should show the list of Dealers that have booked them.

Just key in your location and assess the kind of trip you’d like to take. We show the fare estimate and allocate a driver from our wide network of well–trained drivers spread across cities at every kilometre. Like a flash, our drivers will appear in a matter of minutes. Keep your driver in sight as he reaches your pick-up location, so you don’t waste time calling and checking their current location.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we faced during the building of this project is as follows :
1.Initially, we found it hard to decide the flow of our website, but as soon as we started building it, we were able to figure it out.
2.Designing creative solutions with users in order to address their needs..We have to plan out a draft to present your product, which is as important as the product itself.
3.We faced problem in implementing flexible length for divisions and subdisvsions but later we tackled it using the CSS flex property