We abstract donations, so you can give more easily.

The problem DonateDAO solves

People who have USDC and need to donate to charities need to do so in stable coins or fiat, but do not have ETH (gas to pay transactions). We pay for transactions to whitelisted charities, for a minimum amount (for sybil resistance), so people can give more easily and recieve a proof of donation.
Our main goal was to build a system that we could integrate in Web2 to focus on sustainability projects and hand it off to the community and continue at Eth Barcelona and EthCC. In order to prevent future sybil resistance attacks we are upgrading contracts to allow for mimumm threshold, dynamicly based arround the fee generated by the transaction.

There is a lot of possibilities we would still like to explore around pay master, and even more with Account Abstraction. Having the front-end running with Near BOS is also really interresting and could be made as a core component of our landing page.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some front end difficulties writing on NEAR Bot and dealing with sybil resistance issues. Making sure that the basics work well took time, so we ran out of time to add more new features and possibilities we thought about.

Implementing the version of account abstraction from ZkSync was quite a challenge in 48 hours. We still have quite a few changes we would like to implement