Showcase your certificates as NFTs

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Last updated: 01 April 2022 09:07 AM

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The problem DokuMint solves

Generally the students showcase the images/pdfs of course completion certificates in their portfolio. But it is difficult for anyone to validate if it's real or not. Hence, as a part of our solution, we have developed a dashboard for the course owners where they can generate the certificates for the eligible students and store them on IPFS storage. We have also provided a feature for them to mint them as NFTs by deploying an ERC721 smart contract, based on the IPFS response hash. They can go ahead and deploy the contract on their own on Remix IDE, if they wish to add any custom functionalities, since we are anyhow providing an ERC-721 custom template for them.

Challenges we ran into

We came across a few challenges during the project. Initially, we stumbled upon the authentication through metamask, but thanks to moralis, which we have found after some research online. Then the other challenging part was generating certificates from the given data.We had to try various the available python libraries and finally arrived upon the suitable one. Uploading to IPFS also took us a while, for going through its documentation and developing a understanding. After coming accross a few errors, we were able to implement it successfully. And for minting the certificates, we have used NFTPort which made our lives easier, as we had only sent a POST request with required data and got our contract deployed on Polygon.