DAO for A Cause

Powerful DAO, designed to facilitate charitable contributions and enhance the impact of charitable causes.

The problem DAO for A Cause solves

'DAO for a Cause' addresses several critical problems within the realm of charitable contributions and decentralized autonomous organizations:

  1. Transparency and Accountability: Traditional charitable organizations often lack transparency, making it challenging for donors to track how their contributions are used. Our platform leverages the transparency of blockchain technology, allowing donors to see exactly where their funds go.

  2. Incentivizing Donations and Lack of Virality: Many potential donors are hesitant to contribute to charitable causes due to a lack of tangible rewards or recognition and Charitable organizations often struggle to gain visibility and encourage widespread participation. 'DAO for a Cause' solves this problem by offering NFTs as tokens of appreciation, motivating more people to donate.

  3. Complexity of DAO Setup: Creating a DAO, managing members, and conducting voting can be a daunting task. Our platform simplifies this process, making it accessible to a broader audience, especially those with limited technical knowledge.

  4. Empowering Small Initiatives: 'DAO for a Cause' empowers individuals and smaller charitable initiatives by providing them with the tools and infrastructure they need to make a significant impact.

  5. Security and Trust: By leveraging blockchain technology, we enhance the security and trustworthiness of the donation process. Contributors can have confidence that their funds are handled securely and used as intended.

In summary, 'DAO for a Cause' makes charitable contributions easier, more transparent, and rewarding for donors while also providing a platform for individuals and organizations to manage and promote their charitable causes efficiently. It addresses various pain points in traditional charitable giving and DAO management, making it a valuable and impactful solution.

Challenges we ran into

During the development of our project, 'DAO for a Cause,' we encountered several challenges that tested our problem-solving skills and teamwork. Here are some of the specific hurdles we faced and how we overcame them:

  1. SUI Installation Complexity: We faced numerous issues during the installation of the Sui network, which has several third-party dependencies such as curl, protobuf, clang, C++ tools, and rust. Resolving these errors was time-consuming, but we persevered by seeking help online and eventually, we managed to overcome these installation challenges.

  2. Smart Contract Development: As a team of beginners in smart contract development for the SUI network as it required MOVE experience, we encountered difficulties while writing contracts on the Sui network. We faced various issues and errors. Fortunately, we found valuable support from the Sui team on the booth and their Telegram group. It helped us resolve the issues we faced.

  3. Front-End Development with Sui JS and Dapp-Kit: Building the user interface presented its own set of challenges. We used Sui JS and the Dapp-Kit package, and we ran into problems with the callback hook in Sui-JS. To address this issue, we explored multiple solutions until we found a suitable fix. Additionally, handling transactions proved to be complex, and we experimented with various approaches to address this.

In summary, while developing 'DAO for a Cause,' we navigated through these challenges by seeking assistance from the community, leveraging online resources, and persistently iterating on solutions.