Divine Mercy Chaplet How to Pray the Chaplet of Di

Divine Mercy Chaplet How to Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Laudate Mariam


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Authored by Val Conlon
The Merciful Rosary stands as a sacred invocation, bestowed upon humanity by Jesus Himself. In 1935, within the confines of Vilnius, Lithuania, Jesus imparted the Merciful Rosary to a devout Polish nun, St. Faustina, through a succession of divine visions and spiritual communications. From 1935 to 1938, Jesus unveiled the profound potency of the Merciful Rosary to St. Faustina via a series of remarkable wonders and occurrences. The Merciful Rosary transcends all specific requests or desires, embodying a universal appeal.
Jesus imparted the might of the Merciful Rosary to St. Faustina, illustrating its capability to even alter climatic conditions in her vicinity (as noted in her Diary, entry 1197). It is believed that this was an exhibition of the prayer’s limitless potential. Jesus assured her that those who recite the Merciful Rosary with intentions aligned with His divine purpose would receive extraordinary blessings (Diary, entry 1731).

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While the Merciful Rosary’s power knows no bounds, it does serve a pivotal role within the Mercy Devotion— the salvation of souls at the brink of death. St. Faustina’s Diary predominantly chronicles instances where she was implored by Jesus to offer the Merciful Rosary for such souls. She learned that this act of prayer mitigates God’s Righteous Ire, thereby shielding the soul from divine retribution as it departs this life (Diary, entry 811).
The inception of the Merciful Rosary was through a celestial vision granted to St. Faustina. She witnessed the Angel of Righteous Punishment poised to unleash God’s just verdict upon a nation. While the nation remains unnamed, it was evident to St. Faustina that its deeds had invoked divine judgment.

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