Diebetes - Redefining Diabetes Pharmaceutics

Diebetes - Redefining Diabetes Pharmaceutics

Disrupting Pharmaceutical monopolies by bringing transparency and democracy while creating active awareness amongst the diabetes community.

The problem Diebetes - Redefining Diabetes Pharmaceutics solves

Who do you think decided that you live or die? Most of you might consider its fate, but they are big pharma companies in today's world, making them really powerful and viciously corrupt simultaneously. Let's start with an example: A 26-year-old young guy, probably someone's son, dies at a young age just because he cannot access the insulin being sold at a price high at that particular time.

Is there someone out there questioning why it is happening that this so-called pharma company, let's take an example related to diabetes - at this moment, these three companies, namely - Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Eli Lilly, produce around 90% of the tightly controlled market, according to a World Health Organization report. They could see a potential spike in the prices whenever they and they have done this in the past. When you look deeper into the pharmaceutical industry, you realize that everyone is just blaming one another, and no one is discussing the real solution.

Diebetes - Redefining the diabetic pharmaceutics industry. An ambitious project aimed towards social good built exclusively during ETHIndia by integrating one of the most crucial partners of the blockchain industry like - Connext, Biconomy, PUSH, Polygon, ENS, IPFS, Valist, The Graph, World Coin, and Ethereum Foundation.

We have already seen the disasters these pharma giants are causing to the public by spiking up the prices of the medicine used in day-to-day life. Video of Martin

This violence could only be ended once we can bring transparency to the complete pharmacy industry, and nothing could solve this problem better than our beloved blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

I almost got into lawsuits because people working in the pharmaceutics industries don't want anyone else to know exactly what happens there.

Our platform is proven to seamlessly onboard users from all age groups with the most delightful experience provided by Biconomy integration powered by account abstraction - which allows users to buy crypto tokens through the most used payment gateways in India UPI. Once the user has purchased the token of their choice, they can look at a wide range of projects that require funding for diabetes research. Just like this one - LINK

Once these research institutes are funded, the user gets an NFT listing various befits like Free health checkups, Medicine discounts, and more with the help of connext Xcall function. The NFT will be sent to IPFS for storage.

After the research is completed by the institutes, all of its findings would be posted on blockchain as a form of patent NFT on IPFS. Now the common public could look at the ingredients and materials required for building the drug and hence could straight away question the authorities regarding the drug prices; this undoubtedly would impact the complete pharma industry and help regulate it in the best possible manner.