Dianomi - A developer tool that helps you ship the best possible product while building and enagaging your community!

The problem Dianomi solves

Building and shipping products takes a lot of time. Especially when its a game. The process is a long one and involves a lot of feedbacks and iteration. The goal with Dianomi was to create a platform that would help developers ship and test their app/game in the most rewarding way possible. Here's everything that you can do with Dianomi -

  • Testing like no other - Build and publish your App/Game to a community of thousands of users or token gate it and make it exclusive to for your community who are willing to test and provide feedbacks that help you to build better.
  • User interviews with no hassle - Looking to talk to your users? Schedule a 1:1 in no time and interview them over a call on Huddle01!
  • Rewarding feedback loops - Time is money. Every gamer/user is rewarded with tokens for their contribution towards a particular game/app.
  • Solving for search and discovery - Got an upcoming game/app? Publish it on Dianomi and get an exclusive place on the platform that helps users discover your app/game and help them stay upto date.
  • Announcements - Your community deserves to stay updated and everytime you ship something cool, the world deserves to know! Announcements help you in doing just that!
  • Livestreams and community - Wish to announce something live to your community? Get your testers to stream on Dianomi? Create livestreams with ease and stream with no hassle.
  • Launch your collections effortlessly - Use the launchpad on Dianomi to launch your NFTs effortlessly and get your community members to mint them easily!

This is everything that you can achieve with Dianomi. There's still scope for improvement here but these were some crucial gaps that we wanted to bridge with this porject.

Challenges we ran into

  • Retrieving the metadata of NFT tokens is difficult as the links of the metadata JSON tend to expire after the NFTs are launched.
  • The lighthouse SDK took a lot of time to configure and we had to refresh the access token regularly using the API key.
  • Configuring the live stream both from the viewer's and the streamer's end took up most of the time as we had to token gate the live streams.
  • There are a lot of APIs that help in checking the ownership of a token but only a few support multiple token types. We had to trim down the functionality to only ERC721 as most of the APIs supported it natively.