The social media and NFT marketplace for developers 🥳

The problem Devparty solves

Devparty is the social media for developers by the developers, where devs can post what they are doing, they can mint their post as NFT also you can support other users by tipping via Crypto.

  • 👤 Users: Community of developers who ship or create constantly.
  • 🚀 Products: Ship your products to Devparty and make regular updates about the product.
  • 📜 Posts: Post what's happening in your desk or in your life and even post the desk pics, everything is backed up to IPFS.
  • ✅ Tasks: All tasks are public and added to your profile.
  • ❓ Questions: Get your questions answered and use this feature as discussion too.
  • 🍔 Topics: Create and follow topics to stay updated on a particular one.
  • 👥 Communities: Join the public communities and keep yourself engaged and help others.
  • 🌑 Dark Mode: A built-in light and dark color scheme.
  • 💰 Tipping: Support developers work by tipping via Ethereum or Polygon Matic with the help of Chainlink
  • 🎨 NFTs: Users can mint NFT from their post or from the attachments from the post in Polygon blockchain

Challenges we ran into

Devparty is trying to make most of the things decentralized which is a bit pain point now, we have plans to make posts and comments decentralized first. Also we are new to the solidity world we are trying to make our code perfect and reduce the gas fee from the executions.