Developers stay connected: An app for creating a global developers platform.

The problem DevHub solves

Please do go through our documentation at http://bit.ly/hab59-devhub-report for more information!
It contains all of our progress in detail!

DevHub was built with the main objective of creating a community that would lay a platform for the developers. Freelancers, professionals, amateur developers, and beginners all of them can be benefited from DevHub. DevHub brings the community to the developers wherever they are hence giving more opportunities.
Many of the developers face challenges while working and are often confused about how to solve it. Our app gives them an opportunity to communicate their technical problems with the developers nearby who would help them by giving an answer.
DevHub is like an all in one pack as users can perform multiple tasks like posting their questions, messaging personally, checking for harmonious developers nearby, and more.
DevHub can help build a better and stronger developer community where they can learn, help, explore, and collaborate with each other.

Our project video is available at http://bit.ly/hab59-devhub-video ! We have tried to make the explanation as easy as possible!

Challenges we ran into

Please do go through our documentation at http://bit.ly/hab59-devhub-report for more information!
***Our project video is available at http://bit.ly/hab59-devhub-video ! ***

Challenges we ran into while working on the app DevHub:

  1. We had a plan of using a traditional database management system MySQL with PHP. Then, being the idea of the app was very complex enough, we started our few works with MySQL. Foreseeing challenges such as cloud messaging which is not that easy in this method, we had to shift our process of execution, by choosing platforms like FireBase. Having no knowledge of firebase, that was our first challenge and first opportunity to learn something new.

  2. We planned to use custom markers on the map, which shows the nearby users' profile pictures. Having tried all the ways of converting the images which are in a square shape to circular shape, we did not get the right solution to fix our issue.

  3. After completion of the app, as per the deadline, we were left with three tasks... One, document report stuff. Two, tiredness. Three, few small bugs.

Our PPT is available at http://bit.ly/hab59-devhub-ppt !!
Screenshots and a brief explanation of the app can be found here!