Decentralized app listing

The problem DeStore solves


Decentralized app listing platform.

What is DeStore?

DeStore is a completely decentralized platform that will provide a one-stop solution for app deployment and listing. Companies and developers will be able to list their applications on DeStore using the web client and users will be able to download an application using the DeStore mobile application.

Why DeStore?

All the applications that developers registers are deployed on IPFS hance the data will always be available to use. The ownership rights are managed using Solidity smart contracts which are deployed on the Matic network hence making the system immutable. The website itself is deployed on IPFS and no centralized servers were used for deployment hence making the system complete decentralized and immutable.

The Destore mobile application is a react-native application and is currently supported for Android devices. Users can download the APK from the DeStore site. The APK is also hosted on IPFS using Slate hence providing a much faster speed to download the APK and provide a better user experience. In the mobile application, users can view all the available applications which developers all around the world have registered and published. All the details about the application will be available and users will be able to easily install applications on their devices. There will be thousands of applications and data queries from smart contracts is done with the help of The Graph. With the help of , The Graph the data query was done almost in an instance hence providing an even better user experience.

All the above features make DeStore a one-stop solution for app developers and users.

Challenges I ran into

  • Matic deployment
    The smart contract deployment on the Matic network using truffle was throwing some error regarding the chain head not being updated. I tried all the Mumbai network nodes but the error persisted.
    I was not able to solve the issue so at last, I was forced to deploy the smart contract using the online IDE



  • The graph setup
    I attended The graph workshop which gave me an idea of how to use it and the deployment process. I was able to successfully follow the steps and deploy the graph but it was not working as per the expectations. After further research regarding the same, I understood the use of ID! and updating


    solved the issue.

  • Portis wallet integration
    I have worked with metamask but Portis was something new. I wanted to integrate the Matic network on Portis but didn't find any leads on the same. After communicating with the Portis team and other developers. I was able to integrate the wallet with DeStore.

  • IPFS public server rate limit
    While developing, after some time while fetching data from IPFS, I was getting the error


    . After discussing the same on discord with the IPFS team, I found a way out of this and was able to make further improvements in DeStore.