DeFi powered social network for AI content creators.

The problem DegenHive solves

Note - DegenHive is a Sui Foundation grant recipient and was among top 6 short-listed for LSD hackathon. For this hackathon, we have added zkLogin for user-onboarding, DeepBook integration for smart routing, and Follow / Unfollow features among HiveProfiles via using the dynamic object fields feature.

DegenHive seeks to solve major issues in existing social media networks. Namely, Web2 networks all store user-generated contentin their unique, centralized database. There is no ownership or composability layer available for user's generated-content, and is owned by the network operator. This causes each network to fight a zero-sum game for your attention.

DegenHive corrects this by being a user-owned, open social graph that any application can plug into, which distributed hiveSUI (tokenized staked SUI) among its users, an organic yield generted by DegenHive's LSD and CLAMM (Concen. Liq. AMM) implementations.

Since users own their data, and they can provide subscriptions based gated-access to their followers, and can interact with their communities via regular content updates / upgrades. Followers can create gen-AI content around the Cards and leverage them for integration with games and social applications.

HiveProfiles, which is unique for each user and represents the on-chain identity w.r.t DegenHive, is the entry point for users to participate in HIVE DAO governance, which works based on Hive Gems and Hive Cards.

  • Hive Gems are the internal protocol currency used by degenhive. Users can earn hive gems by either staking LP tokens with the AMM pools or when trading or lending Hive Cards (proportional to the royalty fees in SUI paid during the trade)

  • Hive Cards are internal NFTs ownable only via HIveProfile objects which represent AI characters which users can interact or play with off-chain.

Challenges we ran into

Not enough tutorials available on dynamic fields feature which we've integrated during this hackathon. We found some code-examples in the official sui repo and used to it to get familiar with the concept.

Cheer Project

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