Tired of monthly payments? We care about your time and so your money :)

The problem Deflix solves

In this busy world, finding time is hard and corporations take advantage of this lack of time by charging you on a monthly basis. Deflix provides a pay-as-you-watch functionality along with easy streaming license management using ERC-721 based NFT tokens.

For consumers:

  1. On Average a person watches around 4 hours of television per day but all the current streaming platforms charge you on a daily/monthly basis. This means you end up paying for more than what you are consuming.
  2. All the major platforms charge you by showing their huge amount of video library but how many can you actually watch in a lifetime? Why pay for things which you will never even get time to watch.
  3. No crypto? We use Portis which means you can easily perform transactions even without being in the crypto ecosystem.

For Distributors:

  1. We present an easy-to-manage streaming license management system. Each of the movies has its own NFT token and can be traded.
  2. Revenue streams automatically get redirected if you buy/sell your streaming license.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Initially understanding how dapps work was daunting because it was the first time any of us were building on Ethereum. Anyway, It was a fun journey!
  2. There were a few minor issues with understanding how superfluid works but we'd especially like to thank Francesco Rezi from Superfluid for always helping us with even minor queries, and all of the superfluid community for actively helping us on discord.
  3. We developed a custom server that serves videos and video data. Understanding and developing it was a big challenge.
  4. We also faced a small compatibility issue between Superfluid and Mumbai-Testnet and again folks from Superfluid fixed the issue in a matter of few days which is amazing.
  5. We have big plans in mind for the future, but because of time constraints, we were not able to implement them. We plan to make it a fully-fledged streaming application with advanced features in the near future.