A new way to tokenize post dated payments and unblock the large amount of money blocked in supply chains.

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Last updated: 08 August 2021 08:04 PM

Updated the technologies used

The problem DeepFin solves

Deep tier financing (300B $ Market) to solve cash flow problems for the deep participants of companies supply chain. Solution for this is a comprehensive platform which can be used to mint tokens against invoice and use those tokens to pay and take loans until the payment date.

DeepFin is a decentralized pool-based strategy similar to AAVE for deep tier financing. Lenders provide liquidity by depositing stable coins in a pool contract. Borrowers are small and medium businesses who have access to very costly financing only. In case these SMEs are in the supply chain of a top company (anchor) then the invoice of the company to the first supplier can be used to mint tokens. These tokens can then be passed along the supply chain representing future dated payment on a specific day. By submitting these tokens as collateral to the pool they can borrow money.

Challenges I ran into

Faced issues in deploying the project to testnet, there were some configs that we were not able to figure out in the beginning. Faced some issues in figuring out the right way to design our superfluid based streaming interests and how to define the interest rates.