Data Detector

A data indexing tool for token data that has 0 reliance on RPC calls. It uses a substreams powered subgraph to supply data to the front end.

Built at ETHDenver 2024

The problem Data Detector solves

Our project solves the overeliance on rpc calls that bottleneck a substreams performance.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to indentify proxy contracts and implementation contracts when identifying erc721 contracts. We solved this problem by analyzing the call tree to check for the presense of delegatecalls. We were also hitting the 1gb limit on our store modules and we got around this by changing our architecture and putting the data directly to an entity.

Cheer Project

Cheering for a project means supporting a project you like with as little as 0.0025 ETH. Right now, you can Cheer using ETH on Arbitrum, Optimism and Base.