Dassi Finance

First Zero Interest Micro-lending Blockchain Platform

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Last updated: 06 September 2021 09:07 AM

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The problem Dassi Finance solves

DeFi offers a suite of finance products and services but still has not provided a platform that can offer zero-interest collateral-free loans. The current DeFi infrastructure requires up to 1.5 times collateral against the loan amount, while Dassi requires zero collateral for its users.

Dassi is a solution-based platform, aiming to reduce financial inequalities in developing countries around the globe by providing zero-interest microloans (CSR). It will help the unbanked realize their dreams of getting financial assistance through the Dassi platform built on the Solana blockchain.

Low-income people can access Dassi Finance for self-employment and income-generating activities

Dassi leverages the blockchain technology to build the future of the financial system that can streamline credit opportunities to the unbanked and build communities.

Inequality varies by social factors leading to a wider gap between the upper and the medium class. Dassi aims to bridge this gap by providing microloans to people in developing countries as well as creating income streams. It reduces the risk of default for lenders using the Smart Contract Insurance Program built on the Dassi platform.

Our system is going to be so simple and intuitive that will encourage millions of people to enter the crypto ecosystem through the Solana blockchain from the outside world.

Benefits to Society

The microloans will empower women in developing countries and help poor beneficiaries start and graduate to earning basic income, and uplift themselves from poverty.

Some Other Target Demographics:
Businesses to fund daily activities like employee salary(payday), bill payments
Digitalize rural parts of India and generate employment
Expand infrastructure for small and medium-sized business
Short term lending for small & medium scale farmers in rural areas

Dassi Finance platform will be helpful for the development process of the nation and changing people’s lives in emerging markets.

Challenges we ran into

Solana and devfolio team helped us with whatever we need. We are really thankful to all the people who helped to make this hackathon journey so smooth.