A Multipurpose Android App to Increase your Productivity!

The problem Dare2Change solves

Built over the idea of Decide. Dare. Done, Dare2Change is a place where you can set
your goals, divide them into sub-goals, prioritize your plans and learn new ways to
enhance your performance.

The biggest asset in the capital age is productivity. Either personal or professional
development, we want to get more done in less time. Yet, productivity is the one thing
that we all struggle about. The dare to change is from within but never realizes materially.
Lack of planning, dearth of true guidance, and want of strong support makes our journey

Dare2Change has many Essential Features to overcome these difficulties:-

  • Allows you to set goals & divide your task into various sub-goals .🎯
  • App-Blocker prevents user from using selected apps during the set time limit.📲
  • Create your own bucket list & fill it with the things you want to do.📝
  • A weekly-planner that stays with you at all times.📅
  • In-built music player so that users can listen to soft-focus music instead of
    migrating to other apps (which could cause distraction).🎧
  • Top tips, motivational quotes, blogs/articles, and exercises to enhance your productivity.💡

In the age where technology is omnipresent, how about an app that does the job?
Dare2Change is the support system that helps you manage your bigger life goals with daily mundane chores!

Challenges we ran into

There were multiple small challenges that we faced while building this application, which we were able to overcome.

The biggest challenge was to implement the App-Blocking feature.

  • The idea of building a feature that will allow the user to block other apps for a set duration was alluring for us. But we knew nothing about its implementation. After sheer hard work and going through umpteen documentation, tutorials, and articles we got the gist of implementing this feature.

  • Even after that when we sat to implement it, we faced various difficulties, bugs and errors.

  • After the first draft, the feature wasn't blocking the selected apps. When we were able to fix that, a new problem arose: the blocking service was not stopping when the time duration was over.

  • After a lot of effort and learning about background services in android, we were able to implement the app-block feature successfully(though with some limitations).