The Zapier for web3: Low Code and No Code tools for automating blockchain actions + custom UI widgets that can be easily added to any website. Create unique web3 solutions all via an easy-to-use UI.

The problem DapZap solves

DapZap makes it easy for non-developers to create rich, unique and custom workflows without writing code.

Starting a new web3 business or adding web3 functionality to an existing application can be a daunting task:

Problems / Challenges starting or integrating with web3/flow

a) Hiring a software developer (hard to find one that knows cadence)
b) Convincing existing developers to learn Cadence ;-)
c) Have an appropriate budget (cost)
d) Time to market to develop the product (time)
e) Ongoing maintenance, adding new functionality
d) Optimise/automate at scale.

It's worth noting Puddle and Niftory have got it covered for creating NFT marketplace. DapZap plays well with both allowing you to add additional functionality and custom workflows.

Workflow builder UI to create "DapZaps":
Create automatic actions based triggers (events that happen on-chain).
Actions can be anything, send an SMS, add a calendar event, list an NFT for sale.
Workflow Builder UI

Prebuilt UI (JS widgets that can be added to any website):

  1. Create hybrid logins - Blocto/Dapper/web2/Walletless
  2. Create custom listings, data tables, graphs to represent NFT data
  3. UI to create Create trigger -> action flows
    Prebuilt UI Widgets

DapZap is a missing toolkit for a wide range of web3 projects, it fills a gap in the Flow ecosystem for no code, low-code, integrations, and further extends existing NFT marketplaces.

We are focused on providing a suite of tools to help companies get integrated and get to market fast, doing the heavy lifting on a range of essential blockchain tools, so builders and creators can focus on what makes their projects unique.

DapZap has huge potential to accelerate the adoption of Flow for the next wave of web3 builders and those looking to add web3 features to existing web2 apps.

Try the POC at DapZap.com

Challenges I ran into

Creating generic queries that work for all projects is a challenge (especially for those not using the NFTstorefront conventions) so added a backend to add new cadence query scripts via a UI to make it easy to add new projects and new cadence scripts without having to do server updates.

Determining and dealing with the terminology of bought vs minted needs further clarification NFT's can be minted and not bought, similarly confirming changes in "staking" needs more thought. Additional granularity around triggers based on all "service events" will be added.

In the first POC I've been polling to look for changes, however in the next phase I'll be using graffle.io to simplify queries and use their Live Stream feature to "listen for indexed changes".

Current implementations are crude due to the time to create the POC. Adding REST APIs and GRAPHQL are planned in the coming weeks and months.