A reputation-based on-chain predictive market for DAO member engagement and retention 👪

The problem DAO-Magical solves

DAOs have enabled large-scale human coordination at scale. The finest example of collaboration was ConstitutionDAO. As we move into the Web3 world, DAOs will be the core of the how future of the internet will look like.

The integral part of community-oriented organizations (here DAOs) is to maintain systems to map the reputation and manage incentives to maintain positive-sum relationships between stakeholders, keeping them aligned on shared goals as the product/org/community grows.

DAO-Magical, a reputation-building tool based on-chain prediction market for DAO's community members, to fiind good actors in the community, surfacing meaningful insights from community, off-chain richer engagement of community, modelling reputation in the community, and easier custom rewarding (ex: NFTs, stablecoins, etc any asset) on the top of reputation.

We allow the community members to create and propose new proposals/incentives that can propel the DAO to where the community wants it to be. Considering the fact that DAO's discord servers are usually way more “happening” than the DAO itself, there's a lot that can be extracted.

How Dao Magical works

  • Admin: Every DAO's discord server's admin will be able to set up a prediction market for their community. They'll be able to resolve the proposal as a single source of truth.
  • Community Member: Each and every member will be able to create, view, and vote on existing proposals in a particular market

This also enables deeper insights discovery from community members to the DAO's core contributors and help them further shape the project.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Initiating from Remix IDE, we struggled a lot with importing "@gnosis.pm" and "openzeppelin-solidity". Remix kept crashing and so we used truffle for the development

  2. Although Gnosis Conditional Token Explainer was brilliant, implementing Fixed Product Market Maker was a hurdle, inline assembly in cloning the FPMM (MarketMaker) took us out for a spin.

  3. Deploying the contracts, had issue with truffle migration, the error being ["Migrations" -- only replay-protected (EIP-155) transactions allowed over RPC."] which was subsequently resolved by downgrading hdwallet-provider.

  4. Discord authorization with metamask integration in minimal steps was bit of a learning curve