dAccess bot

We built a bot widget and data insight dashboard which can be integrate into any website to collect user information for loan processing and consent management.

The problem dAccess bot solves

This bot widget is automating the consent flow and user not required to visit FIU’s to initiate loan application. Then our robotic process will fetch the data from FIP’s and create the data insight as a dashboard with few important category, like net asset, income, expense, expense trend and based on the data analytics the dAccess application will predict the approved loan amount for the user, then loan officer can review this data and approve the loan.

dAccess combines multiple financial data into one single entity. This solution can be used across the banking network to digitally validate the consumers financial assets and liabilities. Consumers can control his/her data by using consent mechanism through mobile app, web app. Consumers can know how his/her data is being used.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of data Providers at this moment in sand-box like Mutual funds, insurance , GST details , etc for building predictive analysis for identifying loan defaulters before approving loan. We hardcoded few data for our data analysis.