Coupon-ization of crypto tokens for easy to claim (gasless) Giftcards | Fair Airdrop | Crypto Payouts and infinite posible use cases.

The problem Cryptons solves

It takes a lot of work to execute multiple transactions to various individuals and go through the tedious procedure of gathering every wallet address in order to send token for any purposes. We came up with a special solution for this. Cryptons will convert your token into a single multi-claimable coupon / multiple coupons of the specified value, together with an easily shareable link and QR code. With getting rid of the necessity for the sender to batch many transactions, we make it simple for any user to submit a gasless claim with just one click.
The coupon codes are entirely confidential since they are created on demand using an alphanumeric string provided by the user and hashed with SHA256. There is no centralize storage for coupon codes, only the hashed coupon code, and a predetermined expiration date for coupons, is stored over blockchain after which the issuer may recover the tokens if they remain unclaimed.
Additionally, we do several checks utilising the frontend, api, and on context view methods to ensure that multiple claims are not being over-distributed to a single user.
We are therefore relieving the sender's burden and making it convenient for the recipients as well, since they may claim it to their preferred wallet without having to pay for multiple gas.

Challenges we ran into

We encountered several challenges while developing the project because we were uninitiated with the Solidity Relam and needed a lot of coaching and workshop attendance to become acquainted with the SDKs and environment. Biconomy SDK's being incorrectly sorted with snippets was one of the big issues that took up a lot of time, which we subsequently resolved after speaking with the mentors.
We were forced to stop using ENS Webpack 5 due to compatibility issues with web3.js and ethers.js as a result of ENS names failing to update their documentation for the most recent version. As a result, we had to sift through a large amount of documentation to find the correct versions that work with all the SDKs.