We're a neobank for your cryptos.

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Last updated: 03 April 2022 03:43 PM

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The problem Cryptoneo solves

Decentralized markets have their own advantages and disadvantages. While DeFi offers many potential benefits, the downsides impede mainstream adoption.

All of the issues below are holding the decentralized financial system back from normal users adoption.
Normal people don’t understand technicalities like staking, lending, pool, etc. Nowadays if anyone wants to invest in defi protocols they first need to learn about defi, different types of defi protocols, etc.
This makes them hesitate to get into defi. But what they already know is about the traditional banking system. So we decided to integrate defi into the traditional banking environment. With Cryptoneo people don’t think about backend work done by defi protocol.


  1. Multiple Virtual Accounts: Manage your funds by creating multiple accounts for different usage like business, savings, expenditures, etc.
  2. Interest: Earn interest on all your funds.
  3. Payment Links: Get paid faster with your custom payment links.
  4. Rewards: Get rewarded with CNEO (Cryptoneo Tokens) by creating FDs, making payments, and receiving payments.
  5. Payments: Send and receive cryptos hassle-free
  6. Fixed Deposits: Lend your loose cryptos in our FDs to earn more interest in them. Create many FDs according to your goal with a flexible locking period.


❤️ Polygon - All contracts are deployed on Polygon Mumbai and Ropsten Testnet.
🚀 Alchemy - For super speedy RPC node and in future for push notification.
💾 IPFS - Distributed Storage of encrypted user profiles, loan details, and all other important info.
⌛️ The Graph - For indexing and organizing real-time blockchain data.
⛓ Chainlink - Price feeds for calculating interest earned.
✨ Gelato Ops - To redeem Fds

Future Plans

  1. Utilising full potential of superfluid by streaming RD payments, rewards, etc
  2. Currently using compound under the hood, looking forward to using AAVE to launch it on the polygon.
  3. Finding more possibilities of investments for users.

Challenges I ran into

  1. This was my first DeFi project, understanding all the token mechanics, and everything around this was quite hard compared to normal web3 projects.
  2. Superfluid integration, the docs are not very approachable for a beginner. Watched a ton of tutorials.