Crypto Plants: Save the planet with awesome NFTs!

Crypto is bad for the planet? Think again! Crypto plants is where CryptoKitties meets planet, turning donations into digital art. Invest in the earth with ERC721 powered crypto plants.

The problem Crypto Plants: Save the planet with awesome NFTs! solves

CryptoPlants is a crowd-funding platform for environmental and social causes. It works towards SDG 13- partnerships for the goals. Any organization working on SDG 1-17 (food, health, education, climate action, etc) can join our DAO.

Users earn CryptoPlants by buying 'seeds' from listed NGOs. Each seed sponsors a specific cause like food donations or aforestation. CryptoPlants are unique NFTs that can be gifted, traded or sold. The idea is to gamify donations and turn them into status and currency.


For users

  1. Show off your CryptoPlants and environmental impact to the world
  2. Collect rare trees and resell. Every plant is unique
  3. Offset company carbon emissions
  4. Transparency on fund usage

For NGOs

  1. NGOs spend 10-15% of their budgets on donation-seeking ads. Conversion rate is low since donations are philantropic acts. We will bring better returns by turning donations into cypto-collectables. People splurge thousands on digital kittens
  2. Join the CryptoPlants DAO and get decision making power

Future scope

  1. Top donors' leaderboard.
  2. Become a gifting platform. Many hackathons give away free t-shirts, but many users don't need them (we ourselves have some 15 swag shirts). Shipping shirts across continents is not very environment friendly. Instead let them opt for a free CryptoPlant! HacktoberFest did this, letting users opt for planting a real tree on tree-nation.org

Qualifying bounties

  1. OpenLink: Making API call from contract to backend
  2. IPFS: Used Brave browser
  3. Consynsis: Social impact project using Metamask
  4. Ceramic: Storing JSON data
  5. Textile: Storing images in bucket and for hosting website
  6. NEAR: Girl power bounty, global citizens bounty, social impact bounty
  7. Unstoppable domains: High gas cost issue, didn't get domain in time : (

Challenges we ran into

  1. Solidity version issues: Had to downgrade to version 0.6 since all libraries didn't support the latest version. Every version had syntax differences, making online tutorials difficult to follow.
  2. Time shortage: Had to skip some functionality
    • A mock wallet address representing an NGO is used instead of building a DAO.
    • Random images are assigned to each plant. Plant genetic traits like species, leaft color, leaf pattern, fruit and flower varieties will be added in future.
  3. We got a free domain from unstoppable domains. But we couldn't use it due to delay receiving it, because of high ethereum gas prices.