Crypto Ninja

Crypto Ninja

A Hyper Causal Cross-Chain Web3 Game

The problem Crypto Ninja solves

Until a few years ago, it was fairly challenging to find a grandmother-grandson duo addicted to the same game. But, this is not the case anymore. Hyper-casual games have entirely changed the course of history by creating games that anyone and everyone can play, irrespective of age or skill level.

These games are indeed a relatively new phenomenon in the world of gaming. It was only a few years ago when options for mobile games were limited to the casual genre. But as smartphones evolved, so did the customer base. And with it came a change in the business model that allowed new gaming genres to be created and published. In this context, the high-octane and innovative hyper-casual model has turned the traditional game development cycle on its head. These games require relatively less time to build but cater to an enormous customer base.

We believe that the current web3 gaming space is missing on this exponentially growing market. Most of the games out there require some sort or the other expertise in strategy making. Despite being fun for advance users, these games never get the attention of a large market of casual players.

The most significant impact that hyper-casual games have made has been on the customer base. A hyper-casual game is created for the mass market audience. In simple words, the games can be played with ease by anyone from the age of 7 to 70 years old.

Most web3 games only support one particular chain, and exponentially decreasing the user base that a game has.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Unity Game Development:
    Building a whole unity game in 2 days was one of the most challenging thing that we have occumplished. Even after having so many bugs in the game, we were successfully be able to implment that.

  2. Connext Integration:
    One of the most painful challenge that we had to overcome ever. Cross chain being a such a new space, it was very hard for us to get the get though of the connext protocol. Specially, the use case that we have developed required two all nighters two get accomplished.