CryptoKnights: aka ChessKnights ...

CryptoKnights: aka ChessKnights ...

Play Decentralized Chess: Where NFT-powered strategy meets fair play on the Flow blockchain. Challenge AI, friends, and random opponents in the ultimate blockchain chess experience!

The problem CryptoKnights: aka ChessKnights ... solves

The decentralized chess game on the Flow blockchain solves the need for a secure, transparent, and gaming platform. It offers players a fair and tamper-resistant environment to enjoy chess against AI, friends, or random opponents. With walletless onboarding and custodial wallet integration, it simplifies user access and asset management, making chess accessible to all.

Challenges we ran into

In this decentralized chess game project on the Flow blockchain, we encountered several challenges throughout its development. Integrating Next.js and Flow blockchain for user registration and authentication required overcoming technical complexities and ensuring seamless interactions. Implementing a secure and efficient player vs computer mode with varying difficulty levels involved fine-tuning AI algorithms and optimizing performance. Additionally, building a robust in-game chat system while keeping data transparent on the blockchain was a balancing act. Despite these hurdles, our dedication and collaborative effort led us to overcome these challenges and create a captivating and immersive decentralized chess experience.