Crypto Chicken Run

Crypto Chicken Run

A simple game that brings Chicken Run into the world of NFTs. A game by which you can never be bored off.

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Last updated: 08 July 2022 07:46 AM

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The problem Crypto Chicken Run solves

Ever wanted to save those epic moments in games? Crypto Chicken Run takes that idea and builds on it. It focuses on bringing utility to play-to-earn by providing players with unique NFTs as boosts and in-game perks. With crypto chicken run you can never be bored. With a flawless blockchain and NFT integration, I have created a game that can be played by anyone, and then you can earn NFTs to upgrade your character with perks. Have an integrated burning mechanism in the game to create gamification of the characters. The upgradation happens using chainlink's VRF which produces a random number every time the burning of a token is done.

It is made using the Alchemy NFT-API, Chainlink VRF, Polygon, Moralis, and IPFS, NFT-Port, Covalent, TableLand in the tech stack. I have used express as backend and simple HTML/CSS, Js, and three.js in the frontend. The blockchain data like scores and perks have been stored on Tableland. I have used Sequence wallet and Moralis to give users an option to connect to the blockchain. I have used Alchemy API to fetch NFT data and the in-game character upgradation happens using chainlink's VRF which produces a random number every time burning of a token is done.

Challenges I ran into

The three js library was new for me to work on, it took some time but eventually, I learned the logic and was able to successfully implement it. Chainlink VRF was a bit tricky to implement but with their detailed documents, I was able to use it to provide randomization.