Cricket's New Dimension: Every Inch a Chance.

The problem Cryck solves

Cryck: Transforming Fantasy Cricket

Introducing an innovative twist to fantasy sports, our new web-based game transforms the traditional Dream11 experience by incorporating spatial predictions into the heart of the gameplay.

Unlike any other, this game invites enthusiasts to forecast the spatial outcomes of key moments in a cricket match, such as predicting whether the next ball will lead to a catch in the deep or sail over the covers for a boundary, reminiscent of a classic Virat Kohli shot.

Key Features and Advantages:

Enhanced Engagement: By allowing users to predict the precise outcome of individual balls, our game significantly heightens the engagement and involvement of players, offering a more immersive experience compared to traditional fantasy sports.

Strategic Depth: Players must now consider how specific game situations or pitch conditions might influence the spatial outcomes of their actions. This adds a layer of strategic depth and requires a more nuanced understanding of the game.

Real-Time Decision Making: The game is designed to challenge players to make quick, real-time decisions, mimicking the pressure-filled moments facing players on the field. This dynamic aspect ensures that each match is a unique and thrilling experience.

Skill Development: Engaging with the game helps fans develop a deeper understanding of cricket tactics and strategies, as successful predictions require knowledge of players' strengths, weaknesses, and current form, as well as an understanding of match contexts.

Community and Competition: Like Dream11, our game fosters a sense of community among cricket fans. However, by introducing spatial predictions, it offers a new competitive edge and a fresh way for fans to test their cricketing insight against others.

Challenges we ran into

Finding Precise Ball Data and Collaboration Hurdles : Our primary challenge was the absence of APIs for real-time ball positioning data. The ambition to segment the cricket field into tiny squares for highly specific predictions needed direct data access from cricket leagues or tournaments. This level of detail and collaboration proved to be a significant hurdle, as it required direct partnerships with the sports entities, which were complex and hard to secure.

Technical Complexities with Arweave and Data Storage Decisions: Diving into Arweave for storing game data introduced us to a whirlwind of technical challenges, including managing code across the frontend and backend, and ensuring the security of automated transactions. The initial plan to use Arweave for extensive data storage was reconsidered due to these complexities, leading us to store only crucial data on the blockchain contract, aiming for simplicity and efficiency.

Automation and Flexibility Constraints: Exploring Chainlink for process automation brought us face-to-face with the limitations of deploying on the core blockchain, which curtailed our flexibility. This realization forced us to rethink our automation strategies and how we could maintain creative freedom while leveraging blockchain technology.