Cross-Chain ⛓️ Worldcoin 👀 AA Wallet 👛

Use your Worldcoin biometric id to make a cross-chain transaction from any device! Bye bye, seed phrase 👋

The problem Cross-Chain ⛓️ Worldcoin 👀 AA Wallet 👛 solves


  • Seed Phrase 🤔 : Can I use my biometric information to transact on web3?​

  • Multi Device:📱🖥💻: Can I use a single wallet in any device without importing seed phrases? I don't want to compromise on security!

  • Fragmented Chains 🔗‍💥: what if I want to use a single wallet for all EVM chains without going through multiple transactions?

  • Bots 🤖 vs. Humans 😊: Hard to differentiate which account is a bot vs human


  • Bye Bye Seed Phrase 👋: Use your Worldcoin biometric account to send transaction. It's secured by ZK proof!

  • Multi Device 📱🖥: Just use your face to control your AA wallet from any device! Call any EVM function

  • Chain Agnostic Wallet ⛓️: Your wallet talks to other chains (Gnosis Chain and Aurora). No need to approve, transfer, and bridge via multiple & cross-chain transactions. It's done by one click.

  • Verified as Real Human 😀: Using Worldcoin ensures that the owner is a human

See our live demo on YouTube!

Challenges we ran into

  1. Setting up the environment for Worldcoin had a lot of gotchas. But thankfully, the staff helped us a lot. The staging environment was not smooth, and we had to use the production environment on Polygon with a real person who authenticated on orb. Verifying the data on chain was a difficult to figure out. We were the first one on chain to verify!!
  1. Crosschain call data calls were hard to debug. Estimating the gas cost for crosschain calls, and making sure that the transaction runs on the destination chain was a challenge.

  2. Transacting on AA wallet was a bit hard to debug what when wrong, and hooking it up to the UI was a bit challenging.