Cross X

Your all in one multi-chain X cross chain bridge.

The problem Cross X solves

In the current dex environment users have to choose different platforms according to the the chain they want to bridge coins within a less user friendly UI.
CrossX provides a flawless multichain bridge that helps a user to bridge a coin from one chain to another from our multiple chain option .

Challenges we ran into

While building CrossX we faced a challenge with nodes while making it into a multichain platform bridge service . We spent time debugging it and solved it as it was a minor issue . One major issue we faced was the time provided for the project . Our initial idea was to build a fully decentralized , user friendly , multichain platform which include chains like matic , ethereum and bsc with signature authentication but due to the limited time provided to us our man power was restricted but still pushed the limits of our team to build CrossX . If permitted more time we would be able to add more chains , more assets with better transactions verifications via signatures on bridge service created by us for event listeners and also we could’ve made our UI fully compatible with cross chain bridge events listeners so that the users can also watch the live transaction status on cross chain in the same dashboard