We are a credit bureau that performs on-chain and multi-chain credit analysis, using collateralized assets to facilitate access to credit for users in credit operators.

The problem CredChain solves

High delinquency rate in Brazil; High interest rates; Difficulty to verify in a single place different types of credits; Lack of banking history of Entrepreneurs and micro and small businesses;

Challenges we ran into

In this project, we faced some challenges of integrating the smart contracts in the front-end and the back-end, which were the parts responsible for the user interaction with our credit system. Our project has many features. Therefore, we had to select which ones would be priority for this first version of the project, which had a limited deadline. To overcome these challenges, we sought help and connected with mentors who had experience in the area of blockchain and finance. We talked to Bruno Moniz. He helped us redesign the process that we would do within Hyperledger Besu, using the smart contracts to automate the credit operations and ensure the security and transparency of the transactions.

Tracks Applied (2)

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