Co-Web 19

A go-to webister for any queries related to coronavirus.

The problem Co-Web 19 solves

In this pandemic situation, many websites and apps are being created globally related to covid 19. But we have created a website in which people don't have to surf the web for different searches relaed to covid 19 as we have provided all the information related to it on a single website. This will safe the time of people and also it have all the genuine facts and figures and there are no fake content in it.

Challenges we ran into

There were a lot of challenges , as big as connecting our bot to our website or trying to make a covid-19 tracker of our own.
And from the starting there were a lot of bugs too , which we with the power of stackoverflow and google were able to get rid of it.
At the end this project still need some work to be done as our real interactive chatbot which we have made using machine learning was not able to get connected due to lack of time and we are still working on it.