Using cutting-edge Technologies like UAV, Object Detection and blockchain to control current Pandemic

The problem Covid-Reconnoiter solves

Drones are believed to be a “game-changer” for fighting this COVID-19 pandemic. These aerial robots have a special kind of aura for themselves. During this situation, where the globe is in a strict lockdown, my team has come up with a few cardinal ideas. These ideas, when implemented in the real world, will bring up the change we wanted. E.I.D. COPTER, which stands for Employ, Inspect, and Deliver, are the three critical things that need to be done during this global lockdown. E.I.D. COPTER, which stands for Employ, Inspect, and Deliver. These are the three trivial things which saves someone’s skin during the strict lockdown which is being implemented across the globe.

Challenges we ran into

1.Integrating the object detection into the drone’s camera is a big challenge that we faced during the hackathon.
2.Understanding the flight dynamics for a stable flight gave us some trouble, so we had to do some extra PID tuning.