Course Mash

Let's make the world a better place for focussed learning.

The problem Course Mash solves

A curated learning path for the community by community.

Let's feel the problem to understand the solution.
take a scenario for e.g, a boy wanna learn a python programming language to find solutions to 21st-century problems.

He googles "the best way to learn python programming for beginners",
and now you can imagine what happens with a young josh minded boy, he got a bunch of resources for the same thing, a bunch, yeah a bunch of resources.
now he is thinking with which resource should I continue, this or that, oh now this one seems cool,
or should I go with teaching lead. oh my god help.

we all have been through such problems of choices and clarity.

fret not, we've what you are looking for.
"Course Mash" which Focuses on productive learning instead of being busy finding...

we aim to give the best learning path for every learner whether they are naive or expert.
here you get a curated list for your area of interest and also get big community support for your question,
whether your question is a billion-dollar or a naive one. you'll get your answer

let's have an insight into how it works,
At first, Our Subject experts from the community will find a bunch of resources to fit your needs,
the experts will collab and discuss with each other and curate a final list to be shared
and then the list will rank based on the responses given by you.

now it's time to have an eye on the app.
at the first stage, you choose your area of interest and then select a specific niche that interests you. like in python
I would like to go with web dev.

and finally, you get a list of resources curated by our experts.

and then, after going through the list of resources you can add it to your bucket and start learning,

and you can also do a lot of other stuff like
You can keep track of your learning path
You can find the other learners in the community who are also learning with you,
you can also share your question, ask for help and interact with each other

Challenges we ran into

At first we thought let's make a static website with wordpress, but as we do more brainstorm and come on conclusion that
this need to be personalized and and a place there they can access it quickly,
and also we need to implement some machine learning algorithms,
so your team decide to make an android app for it and backend in Django python. but we have not design any recommendation system,
before, so first we learn the algorithm behind the recommendation system, we learned and design it, but as we progress we faced a lot of issue when we host our backend in AZUR Cloud Service. but we figure out somehow, and finally we deployed it successfully.
and then it's time to design our frontend, we took our xd to wireframe our initial ui/ux ideas and then after long iteration, we finalize something and without any furthur dely we start to write code in flutter, and so many sleepless night, frontend completed.
We learned a lot in this journey, also we gain so much experience. we love to build stuff, and we did.
the problem we ran into: