Know all live stats regarding corona, raise donation camp if you are an individual or intuition affected by a coronavirus, and require money. Report people violating lockdown anonymously.
The problem CoronaRedemption solves

Our solution is a one stop solution for several corona based issues that are faced during this pandemic. 1. You will get all live updates regarding corona here. Be it worldwide stats, country wide stats, country wise timeline to monitor growth. All information will be provided using statistical graphs and raw numbers both. 2. Corona has caused a lot of loss of jobs, money problems for several institution( specially those involved in the treatment of this pandemic). People can come here, provide details about there need, and after giving legimit proof of there need , raise a donation camp , and get funded. In this way many people can get money for survival and institutes the option to get money faster. Government is providing money to help but this way its a direct transfer of money from the doner to the needy, resulting in faster services. 3. Lastly, we have come up with a solution to help control the violation of lockdown ( which is the key weapon to fighting this pandemic). People can come on our portal, give some unique identification key, we verify it and then send back a special entry token to the user. Now the user can use this entry token and upload photos of people violating the lockdown ( that they can take using there cameras from their rooftops etc.). The uploader will remain totally safe and anonymous since the image uploaded will stored over distributed storage (ipfs) and the key to view them will only be with the government authority concerned with control. The data stored at the backend will only contain the unique id in encrypted form and corresponding token send. This will help avoid spam image uploads. The token is used by the user will in no way reveal his identity if someone gets access to who uploaded a image in some way , since there is no way the token will lead back to the user.

Challenges we ran into
  1. Figuring out a way to keep the user anonymous while uploading images, and at the same time avoiding spam uploads.
  2. Making a design as to how to generate the unique token to send back to the users.
  3. Finding a way to show that the donation camp raised it legimit.
  • Created ProjectApril 19, 2020 6:30 PM2 years ago

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