Allow Hassle-free integration for in-game assets for your game!

The problem Console3 solves


Asset Ownership

Gamers should be able to own the assets not just through the game so that those digital assets can hold value for them. Like Pokemon Cards.


Funds invested in one game should be transferable to others, just like FOREX.


Hacks impact both gamers and developers, in-game assets are always at risk.

What Console3 provides

  • Authorization

Gamer Wallets for end gamers or project-specific gamers.

  • In-game Currency

Keep your in-game currency and transactions on the chain. Create a currency in just a few mins.

  • In-game Assets

Create in-game assets as NFTs.

  • No Web3 expertise required

Simple to use APIs for you, we handle the rest.

So Console3 allows game developers to build web3 Games without making them jump into the web3 rabbit hole!