The ultimate companion animal video platform for joy and refreshment. Show off your cute companion animal and earn rewards as the owner. Support your favorite animals and earn their video as NFTs.

The problem Conimally solves

Conimally brings transparency, trust, and joy to companion animal videos. It's a dedicated short-form platform solely focused on animal videos. Users seek the refreshing and healing power of adorable animal moments, tired of shallow and pretentious content on social networks. Conimally effortlessly introduces web2 users to web3 through its familiar app interface. It caters to animal owners and lovers, offering a seamless experience akin to web2 services while bridging web2 and web3.
The "Dang" token system drives mass adoption, incentivizing engagement. Users support creators with "Dang" tokens, creating a vibrant economy. This fosters a supportive community, fueling content creation and active user participation. Tokens provide tangible benefits, enticing web2 users to embrace web3.
Animal lovers can continuously support favorite accounts through ongoing sponsorship. Upon reaching a sponsorship threshold, users can get videos as NFTs. These unique creations serve as exclusive art and monetize user support while benefiting creators. Creators can generate revenue through the support of content consumers, with the potential for increased earnings as they upload more content and gain more likes and followers. This structure allows for higher revenue ceilings as their level increases. Conimally forms a revenue pipeline based on the fees and advertising revenue generated during this process.
Integration of blockchain in the platform ensures a transparent revenue structure. All transactions are securely recorded on the tamper-proof blockchain. Smart contracts automatically log user support and revenue, enabling real-time verification. Conimally establishes a trustworthy revenue structure.

Challenges we ran into

Our team built the frontend using Flutter. However, we encountered difficulties in the process of establishing services with Near Protocol, as there were limited resources available to address the specific issues we encountered. Fortunately, through research and mentorship from the Near Korea Hub team, we were able to overcome these challenges.
Initially, we intended to use NFT storage, one of the IPFS services, to store videos. However, we faced limitations with this approach as it only allowed filtering based on time periods, making it difficult to retrieve videos based on specific criteria. To address this issue, we opted to upload the videos to AWS S3, which provided a solution that allowed us to extract and use the desired information effectively.
There were concerns about whether content consumers could support creators by purchasing Near tokens through in-app purchases. Due to time constraints, we were unable to implement the in-app payment technology. However, to facilitate the process of purchasing Near tokens and transferring them to wallets for later use, we utilized the testnet. We plan to allocate time in the future to implement in-app purchases.