One NFT to Confyg them all

The problem solves

You might have felt the brunt of setting up a new account - the process of copying or revamping your existing configuration settings throughout all platforms. What if there’s a single stop to change your preferences and it gets automatically reflected everywhere else?

This is what aims to solve using decentralized identifier NFTs and offchain datastores.

Sensitive user-centric data shouldn’t be on a centralized server and it offers a poor user experience by forcing users to recreate the same data on every application.

An alternative method would be to use resolvers in ENS to store user-centric data, but why should your dark mode preference be on-chain?

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out an optimal solution for saving metadata privately on off-chain datastores was a challenge. I finally settled on LIT Protocol which lets you encrypt&decrypt data on off-chain storage like IPFS. Other alternatives were Privy or encrypting the data on our own.