College Buddy

College Buddy

Bridging the gap between Third party edtech platforms and Student communities with incentivising students for their work.

The problem College Buddy solves


  • To Make people work effectively there should be some kind of incentive attached to the work they are doing.
  • No direct connections between third party ed tech org and student communities they need to rely on general platforms, campus ambassador programs, referral programs etc for their promotion.
  • Student these days consider their course work as burden on them and unwillingly get involved in them and with the onset of remote era the engagement has been drastically reduced towards their course activities.
  • There is a need of a proof of work mechanism for students to get validated on their engagement in some activities(attending workshops, session, course completion etc).

Solution: College Buddy (LearnAndEarn)

  • It is a self sustainable tokenized learning platform which will incentivize students at the end of each month with some tokens based on their performance score into the platform.
  • Institutes will be required to do one time setup and they can start using this platform as a normal LMS platform.
  • The performance score will be calculated based on the engagement of student in course related activities which involves (timely completion of assignments, good grades in quizzes etc) and at the end of each month a comparative score will be calculated and based on it tokens will be rewarded.

Who will sponsor incentives to students ?

  • This platform will have a separate feed which the third party ed tech organizations can leverage for promoting their course/content/events and in order to use this they will be require to pay some fees to the platform which can further be utilize to incentivize students.
  • Advertisers could leverage this platform in three ways:
    • Normal advertisements (poster, information etc).
    • Tokenized modules (for survey, feedback etc) which will instantly reward the respondent.
    • POAP based events advertisers can launch events for students and on successful attendance students can claim the POAP for the event.

Challenges I ran into

  • I got some challenges in understanding the flow for implementing the superfluid IDA to distribute tokens among students.
  • To make transactions for deploying institutes manager efficiently I used the clone factory implementation for creating parent child like functionality using delegate calls.
  • My speculation for the web2 implementation of this project got wrong the web2 implementation took a lot time as i was required to code an LMS platform as well.