Bank-like dashboard for managing your crypto assets. It's simple like your online bank account!

The problem CoinBoard solves

  1. Existing wallets and dapps contains terminology even hard to grasp for IT guys. There is no friendly designed DApp for managing crypto assets for regular Internet users.
  2. There are money legos cluttered around many hard to find dapps.


  1. Dapp simple like your online bank account. Without terminology like: steaking, DAO, dapp, oracles.
  2. All money legos solved in one place at one dashboard. You don't need to longer google for specific dapp. Here you have interface for all you need to do with your crypto assets.

The access can be sold in the Interface as a Service modal with monthly subscription (for user support and hosting the app).

Challenges I ran into

  • I integrated Dune and WalletConnect for the first time.
  • I was doing everything alone.
  • I didn't get much sleep before the hackathon. I've got a ticket on Thursday evening. I won it on Twitter. It was hard to code first day after a long trip from Kraków.
  • Firstly I decided that I use Dune for taking part of date for Transaction history page. Secondly I had realized that the Dune doesn't support query parameters. Then I got the message at Dune's Discord api-related channel that there is an option in the Dune API to pass query parameter. Finally I didn't implemented query parameter usage for Dune but I implemented Dune api with pre-prepared query.
  • There were some bugs at WalletConnect documentation.