Code Capsule

Simple 3 Click Process - Scan, Edit and Run As the Name suggests, Code capsule encapsulates the code that you've written on paper, in the form of object data and makes it easier to use.

The problem Code Capsule solves

EASE AND SIMPLICITY : Code Capsule is a coding tool built with the aim of simplifying your brainstorming-coding experience.
As the name suggests Code Capsule compresses the various steps involved in coding from scratch, into a simple 3 click process - Scan. Edit. Run.

CONVENIENCE : Code capsule works on programming languages to bring your ideas from the chalk board into a reality.
Owing to its highly versatile nature, Code Capsule finds applications in multiple domains, ranging from personal use at home, to institutional use by instructors or evaluators.

Challenges we ran into

Currently, there are no services in the market which lets you compile and execute your hand-written code directly.
We were in desperate need of some examples to understand how it will work.
We knew that we can scan the code directly from page with the help of optical character recognisation feature of google cloud vision but not clear on how to handle it later.
One of the main issues we came across was regarding compiling the code on server. We had no idea that there were so many awesome standard python libraries which we never knew could be used such before.
It took us bit of time in finding a good webpage code editor.
And at last, One the main Issues, the Frotnend request fixes. Our main gameplay regarding project is how we handle our data and send it from one place to another. Even a single break at any position of pathway distorts our whole process. It took quite a hardwork in this.