One-stop social hybrid gaming platform to promote Indian Game Developers.

The problem Chimera solves

CHIMERA is a social hybrid gaming platform, hybrid in the sense that it has one long term game to retain out base users along with multiple hyper-casual games to bring in new users. The hyper-casual games come in various modes namely Single Player, Pass and Play and 3D Augmented Reality compatible. The platform is also supplemented with a social hub for gamers to interact with fellow gamers, to ask for help and resources for progress in the game or casually hang out.
Our app also brings opportunities to Indian developers to host and monetize their games on our platform. They will enjoy the benefits of our existing customer base to build an initial user base for their game.

Challenges we ran into

Initially for the whack-a-mole game, while shifting it from non-AR mode to AR mode, we were considering global coordinates of the holes, but in AR version the coordinates were different. We solved it by referencing the local position of objects.
Vuforia 9.3 did not have user-defined image targets support so we had to switch back to Vuforia 8.4. The facebook-SDK had issues with OpenSSL on windows platform. We ran into a lot of issues while optimizing sandbox for the android platform, which included rendering a smaller world, only instantiating blocks that are visible.