Manage Identity and Integrity of Documents on Chain

The problem Doc3 solves

Currently, there is no way to verify when a person's LinkedIn says, "Graduated from Harvard.", "Works at Google" or "Startup VC." It is convenient to self-claim identities and affiliations on social platforms, and people fall prey to scams run by such identities. Doc3 aims to build a "Proof of Affiliation" for individuals. So the next time you graduate from Harvard, the institute will issue a non-transferable certificate to you that verifies your affiliation with the institute. As a person progresses through their career, their professional and academic affiliations will be verifiable, and their resume will be built automatically on the chain. Individuals will have a unique URL that showcases their associations. This URL can be shared on existing social platforms or shared directly as their resume.

Challenges I ran into

The significant challenges are around associating with institutes to provide affiliation certificates to individuals.