A serum based DEX with indexing capabilities for users to see wallet insights

The problem CATO FOLIO solves

Currently the most common way for dex users to see the status of their order or past transactions is using solanaBaach or solscan. But both of them provid too much information for a basic user and less regarding the absolute number of tokens debited or credited. We show transactions in a simple readable format for users who are only interested in What, how much, where and when their token was debtited/ credited

Apart from the transactions, our dex aims to provide a comprehensive view of the wallet such as daily profits, value trends, portfolio distribution, networth etc

The general trading area of the dex also has UI enhancements as comapred to the serum dex UI open source code to improve trading experience.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenge was the limiting of solana apis to 100 per 10 second. We needed faster api calls for indexing. But considering how other blockchains are slower than this, this is just a challenge when comparing Blockchain with the traditional web2

Technologies used