Let your audience support you with crypto through our creator pages.

The problem BuyMeACryptoCoffee solves

We are trying to make it easier for people who want to support their favorite creators through cryptocurrency. We've been using (https://buymeacoffee.com/) for a while, but the site only accepts the traditional currency. So we wanted to take this problem up and build it!

We also aim to onboard more creators and builders to web3 as well

UPDATE: we launched the project on product hunt and end up being the #4 product of the day 🚀(added in the link section)

Challenges I ran into

  1. Showcasing and handling all the transactions on the creator page was a major challenge for us but eventually, our team figured out a way with some research.

  2. We started with only ETH and also figured out Multi chain support with Polygon

  3. Coming up with a middle-ground approach between web2 and web3 to provide the best user experience

  4. Integrating ENS support to make the experience better

Note for the evaluator: Hence you might see some commits before the starting date of the hackathon which is related to the web2 version of the app

We launched a web2 version of the app before the hackathon. We wanted to make it web3 but we didn't know how to do it. After the hackathon was announced, we got motivated and resume our work on the project, and finished it for launch. The session and community were super helpful for sure.