Buddle01 is a web chess app with inbuilt huddle01 video conferencing feature which allows two players to play chess as well as communicate on the same platform.

The problem Buddle01 solves

Buddle01 was built, keeping in mind, the painpoint a player has to face when playing a game. He has to use one platform to play and concurrently run another application just to communicate properly. This project uses Huddle01 video conferencing feature, which is a web3 solution for zoom, ensuring security by protecting digital identity. People can use it to play chess with friends without stressing about running multiple application to do so. Chess is just the phase one of the project. Many more games can be added to the website. One app, less heating of your device, less cpu consumption but a lot of fun with friends.

Challenges I ran into

The learning curve for Huddle SDK was little steep. Configuring the socket logic was a little difficult to implement. The chess logic was difficult to integrate with sockets. I referred to many videos and tutorials. I also referred documentation for the sdk. The deployment was not a smooth ride as i was deploying Postgres for the first time.