Bounce Protocol

Bounce Protocol

Bounce is a settlement protocol that allows users to simply create cross-chain yield aggregation positions. Bounce Protocol helps reduce gas fees and reduces slippage.

The problem Bounce Protocol solves

DeFi users have a very bad experience with the current bridges and swaps.

Bridging, Swapping, & Earning is complex in Crypto!

  • Bad UX.
  • High Slippage.
  • Time Consuming.

Bounce protocol gives a one-stop solution for users to swap, bridge, and deposit in the yield pool.

With just three clicks, a user can deposit cross-chain coins/tokens.

Bounce also analyses slippage and gas to prioritize whether to bridge or swap first.

We wrote a public twitter thread explaining our project:

Challenges we ran into

Creating a cross-chain call was the most complex part of the whole thing. Integrating Connext into our project took a while, but we were finally able to get it done with the help of our mentor.
We also faced some issues with token approvals that we were able to resolve with help form a fellow hacker, and we're extremely thankful for his help.

Technologies used