BluckHunt & AxieBet

BluckHunt - Javascript based game integrated succesfully with Celerx Blockchain Platform. AxieBet - 3rd person betting arena for AxieInfinity deployed on Matic Network.

The problem BluckHunt & AxieBet solves

  1. BluckHunt basically targets the efficient implementation of a Javascript based game that is succesfully integrated with the CelerX Blockchain gaming platform which simplifies blockchain gaming for everyone. It enables an easy multiplayer interface between gamers along with an added monetary based exchange advantage too.

  2. 3rd Person betting arena for AxieInfinity. Bets on the outcomes of battles between axies in the AxieInfinity Gaming System. Developed Using JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ethereum and AxieInfinity API, deployed on the Matic Network with a React friend.

Challenges we ran into

The API Documentation provided for integration of the AxieInfinity API was unclear and difficult to understand.

Technologies used