Preserving Content Authenticity in the Age of Deepfakes

The problem Blockto solves

We’re living in a world where deepfakes are becoming scarily convincing. It’s getting harder to tell what’s real and what’s not. At Blockto, we’re taking on this challenge head-on. We want to give content creators a place where they can proudly say, “This is my work, and yes, it’s 100% real.” We’re all about making sure that every video, every photo, every piece of content has its own story - one that’s genuine and can be traced right back to the source. No fakes, no doubts, just real content by real people.

Blockto is a decentralized social platform on Sui, dedicated to combating deepfakes by ensuring content authenticity from the start. Blockto supports authentication using any Sui Wallet, as well as Sui's Zk Login using Google. Every time a user uploads content to Blockto, it gets securely stored on IPFS. The IPFS Content Identifier is signed with the user's wallet and the signature along with the Content Identifier, and creator’s address is stored on Sui, creating a publicly verifiable and immutable record of the content’s ownership. Blockto also provides a unique verification link for every piece of content which can be attached with the content on other social platforms.

Upcoming Enhancements: We're continually innovating at Blockto. Soon, we'll integrate robust Government ID verification for enhanced user trust. Additionally, with our 'One-Post Reach' feature, content uploaded to Blockto will be automatically shared to platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, all while carrying our authenticity link. Furthermore, we will be rolling out the Blockto token, not merely as a cryptocurrency, but as a utility token aimed at engagement and rewarding our dedicated creators, ensuring the continuous authenticity of content.

Challenges we ran into

The development of Blockto can be divided into two phases: the pre-hackathon groundwork and the intensive hackathon development period.

Pre-Hackathon Groundwork:

  1. Frontend and UI Development: We created the core frontend components, leveraging prior experience from old Next.js projects. Elements like cards, buttons, and layouts were crafted to offer a visually appealing and intuitive user experience.
  2. Backend Logic: We developed certain APIs, crucial for the platform's functionality, especially those related to posting content (which were saved to IPFS) and fetching posts.

Intensive Hackathon Development:

  1. Sui Smart Contract: The entirety of the Sui smart contract was written in the Move language during the hackathon.
    Code References: blockto_sui.move
  2. Sui Wallet Integration: The wallet is the gateway for users to interact with Blockto. We employed @suiet/wallet-kit specific to the Sui blockchain and integrated it successfully.
    Code References: Provider.tsx, Header.tsx & NewPostForm.tsx
  3. Sui ZkLogin Feature: One of the most significant challenges, and perhaps our proudest achievement, was the integration of the Sui zklogin feature.
    Code References: zklogin.js, SigninMessage.ts, api/zklogin/route.js, api/post/save/route.js & [...nextauth]/route.js

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