A decentralized fund raising platform for social causes.

The problem Blockfund solves

This is the time when Web3.0 is booming and along with it the craze and the usecases of Blockchain based technologies is going to be the new present, the amount of people invesiting on crypto currencies are also rising specially in india. But we are also going through a lot of Natural Crises like Covid19, WhiteFungus, BlackFungus, Insufficient amount of Oxygen cylinders which causes a lot of deaths in India. Theese are the kind of causes my product BlockFund is targeted on. As the no. of people using the crypto increases the donations using the crypto will also increase.

Another aspect of BlockFund is transparency, since it's built on top of blockchain it's fully transparent and there is no central authority whi is controling this platform, there will be no fraud where the singer person can withdraw or scam the site.

Since everyone is anonymous, what if a scammer tries to raise fund ? We can solve this problem by first validating the person/Organization who wants to raise funds. I didn't have time to implement it, but it'll be done in the future development.

Challenges I ran into

🦾 Challenges Faced
First of all, I want to thank Hack the mountains team to organize this beautiful hackathon and to give me the oppurtunity to learn and build my DAPP. Before this hackathon i din't knew much about Blockchain and DAPP dev. But after joining it i spend a lot of time to research and figure out how to build DAPP.

🔍 Project Searching Face
Initially i faced trouble setting up all the development tools needed specially for writting smart contract and deploying it. I was new to TEzos world and Blockchain in general but then i joined the Official Telegram group of SmartPy. The admin who is probably the creator of SmartPy was so helping he helped me to set up and solve even tiny bugs, i really want to thank him.

👨🏾‍💻 During the Development
When i started working ont my Idea, using Blockchain and when i started writing the client / Web App more problems started to emerge. Initially i wasn't able to connec to my wallent then sign the transaction, then send the tezos from my wallet to the contract. I was feeling that i will not be able to complete it but the Official Telegram group of SmartPy and Taquito helped me a lot they helped me solve my silly mistakes.

🌐 During Deployment.
Initially i was thinking to use Azure but then Linode was a MLH sponser and this hackathon was a MLH sponsered so i got free credits on linode, and honestly after trying it i found that it's cheaper than Azure. I face some issues during the configuration of Domain Name and setting up A name record and setting up nginx server. but i was able to fix it after doing some research.