Fast and Seamless Insurance on the Blockchain⚡

The problem Bitsure solves

1 out of every 600 life insurance policies
remains unclaimed Globally because it not easy for people to get claim easily in web2 world. In Web3 Ecosystem, out of $1 trillion in
crypto assets, less than 1% are insured as people will be aware about benifits of insurance this project would be globally best one for chose.
What we do
Our Project Will
Providing people with a Borderless,
Transparent and Decentralized
Insurance Policies.
Use of blockchain technology within
insurance will provide mechanism to
reduce costs and improve end-user

Challenges we ran into

while using the Metamask Ethereum provider with ether.js
they were giving gas estimation error everytime we try to test any functionalty our it took our major time but somehow we manage to overcome.